snack suggestions

Here are some healthy snacking tips to share with your co-workers, students, family and friends:

1. Focus on fiber and protein. Choose cereal bars, granola bars or energy bars with some protein (check the Nutrition Facts) and some fiber to help keep you full longer.

2. Pretzels or baked chips are a great low-fat, low-calorie way to satisfy the mid-day munchies.

3. Choose fruits, vegetables and salads, prepackaged and ready-to-eat. They are high in nutrients, crunchy, convenient and great tasting.

4. For a snack that is high in protein and calcium, reach for a carton of low-fat milk or yogurt.

5. It’s unrealistic to give up sweet treats if you really enjoy them. Like anything else, eat them “wisely” and in moderation.

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Snack Suggestion, continued...

6. Craving cookies? Animal crackers, fig bars, ginger snaps, pop tarts or graham crackers are great tasting lower fat choices. Pair these with low-fat milk, a protein-rich food, and you’ve satisfied that craving.

7. Go nuts. Choose a package of peanuts, almonds or other favorite nuts. They come packed with protein and fiber.

8. Don’t confuse thirst with hunger. Keep a water bottle handy.

9. Top off your fuel tank several times a day with snacks. You’ll feel energized and satisfied throughout the day.

10. Variety, balance and moderation are important when eating snacks.

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