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Each First Class Vending distribution center is strategically located in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Diego, with the master distribution center sitting on five acres of land and encompassing more than 60,000 square feet.

Since relocating into this new facility in 2006, the Company is able to warehouse and distribute more national, regional, and healthy brand name products than any other vending company…thus, making them available to our customers at any time.

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100+ employees? Let First Class Vending fulfill your company’s vending needs

First Class Distribution Center

Popular brands including Coke ®, Pepsi ®, Frito Lay ®, Kraft ®, Kellogg ®, M & M Mars ®, Hershey ® and Nabisco ® are at the heart of our product lineup. Client requests for special or unique food and beverage products are also encouraged. Providing nutritious and healthy alternatives is another one of our priorities.

In addition to acquiring and developing the larger master distribution center, First Class Vending invested in larger route trucks that are not the norm in the vending industry.

Why? By servicing its client accounts with these “rolling warehouses on wheels”, First Class Vending is positioned to effectively offer more product selection and more product variety to our clientele.

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100+ employees? Let First Class Vending fulfill your
company's vending needs!

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