Ah... Now your employees really love you.

We know the quickest way to your employees' hearts: Snacks and beverages, delivered to your location, personally stocked and maintained by a First Class Vending service representative.

You receive a monthly statement reflecting products consumed for
that month.

That's not all. Read more about why it works so well ».

100+ employees? Let First Class Vending fulfill your company’s vending needs

“Free Vend” is the latest employee-pleasing and exciting trend in vending. With First Class Free Vend, your company pays for all the snacks, beverages & candies... anything you wish. And your employees pay…nothing!

Your employees —who now enjoy this generous benefit— will see your company as a place they will want to stay. Perception is everything these days, and great employees are looking for companies who place value in them. Benefits like these help you keep your employees longer and stay happier!

People tend to enjoy their favorite snacks and beverages at all times during the workday. Even though the cost of your on-site vending machine’s products is nominal, an employee is more likely to take advantage of these products if you provide them free of charge.

This easy access provides your employees with fewer reasons to leave the office during the day. With First Class Free Vend service, your employees have more time in the day to be productive while they work. Happy employees enormously impact your bottom line.

Invest in your employee’s satisfaction and choose First Class Free Vend! You’ll soon see why companies across California and Nevada are also making this choice.

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