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Bring convenience back into the break room

This open market concept offers a variety of quality products to your employees 24/7. Each
Micro-Market is custom designed with your break room and employees in mind.

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Vending Service Company

Enhance your workplace culture by offering free food and beverage items to employees through our Office Pantry Service.

This service is completely tailored to your company’s wants and needs.

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Vending Service Company

Elevate your Vending Services by offering popular products with our top-notch vending equipment

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Delicious & Nutritious Options

Focus on employee health by offering a wide scope of healthy options in the break room.

Providing nutrient dense foods will increase your employee’s energy and overall office morale.

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Superior Technology

State-of-the-art technology backed by 24/7 customer service
to give our customers the best experience possible.

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Vending Service & Vending Machines

The vending machine supplier that satisfies your hunger for success

A break room is a place to recharge, refuel and reignite your passion for work. But does your space fit into this definition? If it doesn’t, a trusted vending equipment manufacturer can help you become a place to be for your employees. 

Get in touch with First Class Vending to bring healthy and mouth-watering delights to your office pantry, micro-market, commercial kitchen or break room. Elevate your breaks with first-class refreshments that your people love!

Why choose First Class Vending as your vending machine company?

If you’re not going to settle for less than a perfect vending machine to create an inspiring space for your employees and underpin your wellness initiatives, First Class Vending is here to walk the talk. Our equipment is a human-centered alternative to the bumming experience of dealing with old vending machines loaded with expired snacks that won’t come out. Tick the boxes if you want to: 

  • Escape the frustration of running out of snacks. No more rushing to convenience stores or grudgingly stocking up on whatever is left. As a full-service vending equipment center, we remotely keep tabs on the inventory of your vending machines to ensure you always have a fresh supply of snacks and beverages. 
  • Redefine your snacking. The only thing outdated vending machines are good for is disappointment. With First Class Vending, you get a modernized, tech-enhanced experience defined by eco-friendly equipment, cashless payments, and healthy food choices. That feels like a breath of fresh air.
  • Show you care about your employees. Vending machines are no longer just a box brimming with candies and soda. Our options are customized to your office space and employees’ preferences for a personalized selection of beverages, snacks and wholesome goodies. Any dietary restrictions can be accommodated, too.

Don’t even try to find better vending equipment for sale

Sustainability first

If you share our goal to turn office spaces, micro-markets and dine-out spots into eco-friendlier environments, First Class Vending machines are for you. Get equipment with LED lighting to keep energy consumption in check and ward off bill-paying stress.

Time-saving potential

When you’re hungry, every second matters. By partnering with First Class Vending as your vending machine supplier and service provider, you can easily prioritize time. Don’t lose sleep over how to fill your vending machines, maintain them, or pay for snacks. Whether you have a smartphone or credit card, use it to get wholesome food in an instant.

America’s favorite food choices

Food is meant to be enjoyed, and choosing the industry’s leading brands is the way to do it. When you buy vending machines from us, you get them filled with America’s favorite snacks and new additions that make mouths water. We carefully select refreshments to cater to your employees’ preferences.

More palatable options

Do you still think vending machines are all about peanuts, candies and chips? Think again. First Class Vending takes it to the next level with ready-made wholesome meals. A sandwich, salad or hot bowl of soup for lunch? We’ve got you covered. 

Your revolutionary vending equipment experience is one inquiry away. Submit it today to buy vending machines that make a difference for employees and employers alike!