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Spilling The Beans On Our Top-Rated Bean To Cup Machines

  • Starbucks Serenade

    Adjust your brew strength with our specialty touchscreen Starbucks bean to cup brewer

    Office coffee equipment in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Reno & Phoenix
  • Necta Krea Touch

    An elegant solution for your coffee program needs with flexible and customized recipes available to you.

    Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Reno & Phoenix office coffee equipment
  • Wittenborg 9100

    A bean to cup brewer that features high-quality drinks and a user-friendly touchscreen.

    Coffee equipment in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Reno & Phoenix
Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Reno & Phoenix coffee equipment

Bean To Cup Solutions

The appeal of going to a café for your coffee break is the aroma of the freshly ground coffee beans coupled with a fresh brewed cup of joe. What if we told you, we could give you that experience right in your very own break room? Our bean to cup brewing equipment is the perfect solution for you!

  • Encore 29

    This environmentally friendly brewer produces customized beverages for each user by allowing you to select your specialty drink’s brew strength.

    Office coffee services in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Reno & Phoenix
  • Cafection Total 1

    Offer three types of beans for your employees to enjoy with this brewer that delivers delicious single serve coffee straight to your cup.

    Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Reno & Phoenix office coffee services
  • De Jong Duke Virtu

    Pleasant to use and easy to maintain, make a fresh whole bean espresso or a powdered beverage with this brewer.

A Fresh Cup Every Time With Our Modern Café-Style Single Cup Brewers

Single Cup

Known for variety and customization, single-cup brewing technology is a perfect solution for everyone to enjoy their favorite coffee blends with every cup. Each cup if fresh with exceptional flavor and the process is mess-free!

  • Flavia Creation 600

    Indulge yourself with a specialty drink and cut down on coffee waste at the same time with this single cup brewer.

  • Lavazza Mini Single Service Espresso Machine

    Get café quality with every cup with our premium espresso brewer.

  • Keurig B3000 SE Brewer

    Sip on a fresh brewed cup of coffee or tea with every use of this single cup coffee brewer.

We Can Handle Any Level Of Coffee Consumption
With Our Traditional Coffee Brewers

  • Thermal Dispenser

    Perfect for a smaller crowd of people who might step away for a bit and come back to enjoy a nice hot cup of joe waiting for them.

  • Pourpot

    A great solution for those who need to spread the joy of hot coffee.

  • Airpot

    A quality brewer that can hold several cups at a time. An office classic.

Traditional Equipment

From thermal pots to large batch carafes, our traditional coffee equipment can handle any demand. Don’t let the name “traditional” fool you, we are up to date with modern brewing equipment and are ready to upgrade your coffee program today!

  • Combo Brewer

    A perfect match for those who have a large demand for office coffee and afternoon tea.

  • Cappuccino Brewer

    Specialty drinks and more! This brewer will indulge your employees with a variety of flavor.

  • Twin Coffee & Tea Brewer

    In the mood for both coffee and tea? Our twin combo brewer can handle the task!

Reach out today and let us personalize a coffee & tea program with our advance equipment and premium products

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